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Here at Zwinger von Segen, we believe in raising highly intelligent, social, west working line German Shepherds with sound temperaments and balanced nerves.

The level of dedication and care provided to our dogs allow them to live a fulfilling life with their handlers. Our dogs live in a clean environment and are well socialized with children, horses and other dogs.

We raise trainable, confident, healthy dogs that are capable of deeply bonding with their owners. We believe in positive reinforcement to develop our pups and young trained adults. Our dogs look forward to their training sessions because we use “fun” to develop a learning drive and embrace their natural ability.

We feed our dogs a human grade kibble, absolutely no renderings, bi-products or fillers and add cooked meats and fresh vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots and other super foods to their diet.

Our dogs are registered with the AKC and/or SV. Our stud is a titled IPO3 (3x) in Germany, has his breed certification (approved for breeding by a German judge), “a” (excellent) hips and elbow certification, correct body structure with balanced temperament with great working ability and determination. Our female(s) are also of excellent quality, titled IPO2 (in Germany), “a” (excellent) hips and elbow certification, bullet proof nerves and the willingness to please. We pride ourselves in offering you the best German shepherd puppy you can possibly get!

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Aloha, Michi, I hope that all is well with you and your family. I want to give you an update on our two incredible kids - we took them for their second vet visit yesterday and the stools were both clean. They got their second parvo treatment, a pill for heartworm/fleas/intestinal parasites and a general examination. Bart is now 18lbs and Berne is 14lbs and both are full of energy, do a good job of using their puppy pads and have great appetites! We greatly enjoy them every day; they're learning sit, stay and come commands and will follow you anywhere if you say "cookie" to them. Haha! Thanks to you and Wayne and the rest of the family for doing a great job with our pups! Karl & Seiko

Karl & Seiko
18 July 2017


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